Loxley Systems | Solventless Cannabis Extraction

The future
of extraction
is solventless.

Growers work diligently to cultivate high-quality crops, then cannabis processors must pick their poison (sometimes literally) to extract. Producers of cannabis products had to make difficult trade-offs between cost, scale, safety, and their own values.

There’s a better way to extract cannabis.
We just invented it.

33% Smaller Footprint, 3X faster to install, 50% lower setup costs.

What is

We’ve invented a new patented solventless extraction technology that is safer, cleaner, and faster than existing solutions, and it preserves the integrity and potency of the original plant.

Absolutely no additives.

We do not add solvents at any step in the process. That means no ethanol, no CO2, no hydrocarbons of any kind.

We don’t pollute the product. Or the planet.

What goes in..
is what comes out.

Efficient, clean and safe.

Solvent-based extraction solutions require expensive safety equipment and certifications. Loxley’s solventless extraction systems do not require Class 1 Div 1, contain no flammable or pressurized components, and need only a fraction of the staff.

The extracted oil is not crude - it’s a distillate, with over 80% primary cannabinoids and over 92% total cannabinoid content.

No waxes, no chlorophyll, no cleanup.

Safer for your staff, your facility, and the bottom line.

No Class 1 Div 1
is required

Loxley’s system is an all-in-one solution

With none of the extra processing required by other systems - like winterization, distillation, solvent recovery, or hazardous waste disposal - Loxley’s patented process produces a full-spectrum distillate in just one step, preserving the terpenes and cannabinoid profile and leaving only safe, compostable plant material behind.

Fast, cost-effective, and highly selective. Less work, more oil.

Plant to distillate
in 90 minutes.

A better system for a better bottom line

Our Mission is to revolutionize the cannabis extraction process, making it more efficient, safe, and sustainable for people and the planet.

Raechel Sherwood, Founder and CEO of Loxley Systems

Raechel Sherwood, CEO

There are few plants as useful and versatile as cannabis, and we believe in its tremendous potential to positively impact the lives of human beings.

Steve Sherwood, Founder and CTO of Loxley Systems

Steve Sherwood, CTO

Loxley's differentiator is our ability to take everything unnecessary out of the process, collapsing it into a single step. The plant product goes in, and the perfect distillate comes out.

The Innovators

  • Kevin Sparks Ph.D.
  • Greg Mehos Ph.D., P.E.
  • Brian Van Blaricom M.E.
  • Jonas Goslow, Tech & Mktg


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